Friday, September 16, 2011

The San Pinto Times Author Interview With Matthew Munson

Author Matthew Munson stops by The San Pinto Times for an author interview.

Author Name: Matthew Munson
Book Title(s): Fall From Grace
Book Category/Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Link to book(s):
Any other links you would like to share: (my personal website) and (my personal blog)

Tell us what the book is about:
Fall From Grace is a fantasy novel about the tribulations of a group of angels 2,000 years ago, led by Lucifer, and how their destinies are interlinked with a group of humans in the present.

Lucifer, his brother Gabriel and his friends Satan and Beelzebub fight the Almighty, who wishes to see Heaven united with Earth under his leadership. At the same time, Metatron – the Almighty’s second-in-time - is clearly increasing her influence in heaven.

Peter is an ex-priest with little direction in his life; he and his friend Lauren have begun experiencing visions of an angelic life. Joseph, Peter’s best friend, tries to look for a more rational explanation – and that brings the three of them into direct conflict.

What would you say the theme of the book is?
It's about three ordinary humans who come into contact with extraordinary situations; Paul, Lauren and Joseph are people that I think we could all identify with in one way or another, and it's their journey into the fantastical.

Do you have a favorite character from your novel(s)?
I love all of them, of course! However, if I had to pick one I identify with most of all, it's Joseph, one of the main characters; our belief systems are very similar and I suspect I would react in many of the same ways as him if I were in the same situation.

What motivates you to write?
Do you write everyday? Oh yes, I have to write everyday - I couldn't imagine not. My ambition motivates me to write - I want to be able to connect with people though my writing and perhaps even make them think - and laugh from time to time.

Who would be most interested in this novel?
Hmm, good question. Any fantasy fans, obviously (I hope!) and anyone who likes to be challenged by a book and its concepts - and to read something fresh and new.

What prompted you to write the book?
The beginnings of the story have been swirling round my head for years, ever since I went to a Catholic secondary school (I'm British, so the education system is different over here if you're reading this "abroad!"). I never had the confidence to ever put it down on paper, because I wanted to get it right - and eventually I was confident enought to write it, having written first drafts of two other books first and various short stories!

Who are your favorite authors?
Well, where do I start ... Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, China Mieville, Joe Abercrombie. Utter legends. Stephen King - naturally. James Herbert is very cool - I loved Portents. They're all phenomenal authors, truely inspirational.

Would one of your books be a good movie?
It would be great, wouldn't it! What author DOESN'T think about that at some point? Fall From Grace would undoubtedly be an epic film!

What is your dream job?
Well, I've always wanted to be an author ... :-) I don't write full-time right at the moment (I can't afford to), but I do enjoy my other job as well. I'm 30 years old right now - who knows where I'll be in ten years time!

What projects do you have planned for the future?
I've started planning for a sequel to Fall From Grace; I blog regularly, which is starting to build, and I'm not sure how much else I've got time for these days!!

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