Thursday, February 25, 2010

Residents Upset Over Plans To Build Halfway House

Residents Upset Over Plans To Build Halfway House

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I would like to point out something that is driving me nuts.  The quotes that these "journalists" use are terrible.  Why can't the Mayor of Brownsville speak correctly?  I understand the concern for the children but there is no mention of the concern for the exconvicts.  How are these people...yes people....not animals... expected to become good and moral citizens?  There is no mention of this in the article.  You can't expect people to come out normal after spending time in prison.  They did there time, now allow them the opportunity to try and succeed in life.   

KRGV and KGBT use fear of people and turns it into crappy news reports.

The whole idea behind ACTION 4 news is insane.  This is the news...they are not cops.  They are not health inspectors.  It is not the job of journalists to solve your problems.  It is there job to REPORT the news and not MAKE the news.

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