Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ros Intelos - Female Space Nazis

General Joe Levine - Pictured Below

I've put my sci-fi novel on the backburner lately, but I've still been thinking up some ideas for the novel.  The novel is based on several "movies" I made using The Movies Game for PC.  Basically, you get to set up and run your own movie studio and you can make movies.  One of the first movies I made was called "Female Space Nazis" followed up by several sequals and prequel (Female Space Nazis II and Female Space Nazis RETURN).  These were short and fun little films.  I decided to make a longer movie (about 22 min) called "Ros Intelos".  This was to be a more serious attempt at a movie.  Unfortunately, the computer I was using to make the movies crashed on me and I never finished the film.

Ros Intelos is a multi-generational leader whom resurrects the dead and travels through time to secure “his” reign.  He is a leader of the known galaxy and has been for over five hundred years.  Ros Intelos destroys any useful technologies and keeps humans as slaves and ressurects the dead for his army.  There is a resistance on Earth with a hero, General Joe Levine.  Not particularly a good leader, but he has fought the undead Nazi army with some success and  this gave the people of Earth some hope.

Levine is on mission to recover an item known simply as "the weapon" of which he does not know what it can do, but does know that it will help the resistance.  The mission does not go well, and Levine ends up facing Ros Intelos alone.

Ros Intelos tells Levine information that will alter his life forever.  He tells Levine that he is Ros Intelos.

So, what does Levine do?  Is it true that Levine becomes Ros Intelos?  How and why?  etc.  What makes a man change?  Well, we shall see.

Change and inner demons is a big theme in the book.   

Anyway, that is the idea behind Ros Intelos - Female Space Nazis (title to probably change).

I'm working on my Apolo Drakuvich novel...details will come out sometime towards the end of month.

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