Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another day, another day

I wrote about a page yesterday. It wasn't even a full page. I have been busy this week at work so that has been preventing me from doing anything really productive. I'll do some more writing later on today. I keep thinking it is Wednesday today...It is only Tuesday.

Some dumb ass almost hit me this morning on my way to work. Nothing major, it just would have been a fender bender. The guy was trying to cross over three lanes. I honked my horn for a good minute so I think I woke the other drivers up. The guy still pulled ahead of me even though he was about an inch away. The guy didn't even have his turning signal on.

I jumped ahead of myself here. I actually got a call from one of the drivers from my work asking where his ticket was for his delivery. It wasn't a major deal. But he started the conversation off with "You didn't make my ticket." and I did. I had the ticket sent over to the Victoria branch store and sent an e-mail to the manager saying the ticket was there. The driver just didn't mention that he wanted it outside. I even told the guy that he could hand write the ticket. But I guess he forgot that part. The point is, this was not an emergency and I didn't need to hear about it at 6:20am.

I also didn't get invited to the farewell lunch at work for a guy who is moving to Austin. I'm a bit disappointed at the guy and the people in the office.

Well, that is it on the venting. Now I need to focus on the writing. Stay positive....stay positive. :)

Have a good day!

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