Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Ros Intelos" Notes

I wrote down some interesting notes for my sci-fi novel "Ros Intelos". If you read from earlier posts, this is my other novel that is on the back burner. The good thing is that I have pretty good outline for the story and I've started several chapters. I'll probably continue to work on a more detailed outline to help make the writing process a little bit easier.

I'm trying to plan this novel out a little bit better than the Apolo Drakuvich one. I do have a lot of notes and ideas for Apolo D., but there was no real hardcore outline. Which I think is both good and bad. I'm learning each and every day. So some mistakes will not be repeated.

Several months back I bought a book on dictators for research purposes but I haven't read it yet. I hope to get some good info for the novel.

I'm really excited about this novel. It should be good. More details to come later.

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