Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Interview with indie author Dean Frank Lappi

Author Name: Dean Frank Lappi

Book Title: Black Numbers

Book Category/Genre: Dark Fantasy
Link to Book: Black Numbers

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Author BIO: I was born in 1968 in Virginia Minnesota, a place located on what is commonly referred to as "The Iron Range" because of the extensive iron mining in the area. I have Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English, and I work as a Web Content Manager in my day job.

What is the book about? Black Numbers is about a land where true magic is created through advanced mathematics, and where sexuality is the key to expanding that power exponentially. Sid, a young genius, must battle a secret organization bent on capturing him for his power while avoiding an ancient and hermaphroditic creature whose sole purpose is to control his mind and powers through a strange psycho-sexual connection.

Who are your favorite authors? I have hundreds of favorite authors, but here are a few: Harry Harrison, Alan W. Eckert, James Clavell, Terry Goodkind, J. Robert King, and Brian Lumley.

What projects do you have planned for in the future? I am writing book two in the Black Numbers series called "Blood Numbers". I'm also writing a novel about dark matter and how an experiment goes wrong, as well a novel currently under secret wraps.

Do you have any writing rituals or writing schedule? The main ritual I have, although I don't know if it is really a ritual, is that I write best while listening to metal music, preferably Finnish/Swedish/German styles like Katatonia, Finntroll, Amon Amarth, Eisbrescher, etc.

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