Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rhyme Generator

serveries, referees, reveries, belfries, carveries, reveres, refreezes, coffers, Dumfries, robberies, referrers, deliveries, suffers, enforces, conferees, liveries, refers, dewberries, draperies, reverses, reforges, gaffers, reefers, duffers, heifers, reburies, offers, differs, defers, recoveries, refreshes, sufferers, tempers, unfreezes, weepers, safaris, universes, vespers, wafers, surfers, twofers, woofers, suffrages, traverses, ovaries, temporizes, confers, scoffers, pulverises, weavers

These are the words which rhyme with 'Jefferies'

I found this cool "Rhyme Generator" at the website. This is a nifty little tool that you might find useful or at the very least fun to play with.

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