Friday, May 20, 2011

What customers are saying about Undead in the Head

Undead in the Head

The following are some Amazon customer reviews for the short story, Undead in the Head.

By Star P. "Star" - 5 stars
Undead in the Head (that is one of the best all-time titles on earth) is a fantastic story! The author of two other novels, (The Wind Changed As I Lay Dying and Apolo Drakuvich), is one of those stories written in first person that takes you along with the protagonist so you're there for the ride the whole story. (My favorite kind) It is one of those "stranger in a strange land" stories when Tim finds himself in the middle of some incredible circumstances and people. Did the car crash that happened on the first page really happen, and if so did it really kill him? We spend the story learning the details and finally the truth.

By J. Dawson - 5 Stars
This is a great story, one that moves quickly and keeps your interest due to the first-person narrative of Tim who wakes up after a crash and takes a while to figure out: "Am I dead, Alive, Undead...???"

He is rather accepting of his undead circumstances once he gets his bearings but I suppose that is to be expected... after all, it's better to be undead than dead, right?! And then we learn that things are not always as they first seem! In the same vein as many of Clive Barker's shorter works, this one moves, moves quickly, and builds your interest by continuing to introduce new elements in almost every paragraph once it gets going. Highly recommended, this is one of the most unique stories you'll read. By the way, the cover brilliantly captures the essence of the story as you'll see when you read it!

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