Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My new favorite site (website)

My favorite paper (newspaper) "San Benito News" has a site (website)  I love the piss poor writing and the little ( ) filled with information best left out in most of the articles.  I guess these guys don't know how to paraphrase.

Here are some highlights from an article on the SBnews website.  I don't know when this article was published because there is no date posted with the article.  There are no dates posted with any of the articles on the website.  That's ok, dates aren't really important anyway.  Read on if you like...The actual article is online.

SBCISD accountability rating released


Managing Editor

The San Benito Consolidated Independent School District (SBCISD) was rated “Academically Acceptable” by the TEA

SBCISD Superintendent Antonio G. Limón states the San Benito school district missed being recognized by two percentage points in Science.

“We have three exemplary campuses, nine recognized and four acceptable. We would have been recognized as a district if it wasn't for Science, because we had 73 (percent passing) and we needed to have 75,” Limón explained.

That damn science...(ok I added would have made the article a tad better).

These are the increase percentages on scores from the TAKS test given in the article.
Writing - 65% to 70%
Social Studies - 65% to 70%
Mathematics - 50% to 55%
Science - 45% to 50%

Which means the students don't excel at anything.  I dunno, last time I was in school a 70% was a passing.

Then there is also a long quote from the Region One Education Service Center of which I am assuming is just filler to make SBCISD look better.

But if you scroll down on the website you can see a nice little article titled: Greyhound season tickets to go on sale

Our edumacation may suck but greyhounds football rocks!

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