Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The P.E. Sting

This is a poem that I wrote back in high school.  I was having issues with P.E. at the time.  I hate running.

The P.E. Sting

We run and tumble everyday
I wish we could go out and play
Powerful and forceful is their threat
Sun and work causes beads of sweat

Hatred and fear rises among us
But they don’t care about the fuss
How can anyone enjoy the workout?
Everybody just starts to pout

Run a lap then another
Keep it going man, Oh brother
Sickness and faintness among some grow
So hot outside you’d wish it would snow

Exercise, exercise till we collapse
I wish we could go in and relax
Trouble, trouble runs even more
Your muscles are so sore

“Take it in!” is what we like to hear
Everybody stops, and builds up a tear
P.E. is over for the day
But watch out, because tomorrow you’ll pay

From: The Wind Changed as I Lay Dying

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