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Christopher M. Thompson - Indie Author

Books and info on indie author - Christopher M. Thompson

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Breakfast Anytime
(Book: Poetry anthology)
A collection of poems written on a variety of topics ranging from humorous to heartbroken. Breakfast Anytime is published in two seperate versions, the "stock" version being an uncensored collection of the poetry while the "Family-Friendly edition" lacks some of the poetry with darker tones and language which may be inappropriate for all readers. It is published in eBook form only, but is available in a wide variety of formats.

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Breakfast Anytime
Breakfast Anytime: Family-Friendly Edition


"This collection of poems runs the gamut from passion between a couple, a parent grieving their child growing up too fast, scorned lovers and more. My favorites included the title poem "Breakfast Anytime", an acrostic which tells an interesting story; "Amazement", a sweet poem told from an ill child's perspective, and "The Cure for a Broken Heart", a cute piece about a young woman seeking a doctor's advice on how to get past a break up.

I recommend this collection for poetry enthusiasts, as well as those that enjoy lyrical imagery. Very well done." - Bex A.

Type: Anthology
Genre: Poetry

Saving Throw

He wanted to pick the lock to her heart...

Kyle was a guy in love with a girl who was different from the rest. she lived in a world of make-believe where knights and dragons abounded, castles awaited storming, and treasure lay in dark dungeons beyond dangers the likes of which only the bravest of the brave did dare to face.

Cameron, Jessie, Shai, Dawn, and Cryss belonged to a growing minority: self-professed 'geek girls' whose passion was tabletop role-playing games. For some of them, it seemed that dating was beyond their reach and that, in the deepest parts of their hearts, love remained the greatest treasure yet to be found.

...but he forgot to check for traps.

Can Kyle make it past their swords and shields to enter their world in his attempt to rescue his fair maiden from her tower prison or, when he gets there, will he find that the one he is after has no desire to be rescued?

Type: Screenplay
Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Comedy


"I SO want to watch this movie!" ... (on her favorite part) "I think the climax when the whole plot came together. You really know how to tie all the elements together." - Alison T.


About the Author

Christopher M. Thompson

Born into what he often refers to as a "thermonuclear family", Christopher is the eldest of seven children in total, but was raised with only his eldest half-sister in a military family. He has lived a colorful and exciting life which has been filled with ups and downs and is currently undergoing the second of his two divorces. He is the father of three wonderful children, the eldest of which inspired to follow in her father's footsteps as a writer.

Formerly a career IT Support Specialist, Christopher has served the IT industry for more than twenty years and has turned his lifelong passion of creative writing into a professional trade by becoming both a personal and freelance writer.

His writing influences include William Shakespeare, Douglas Adams, Dylan Thomas, Steven King, Walter Jon Williams, Roger Zelazny, Homer, Anne Rice, and William Gibson.

He is an avid fan of movies, mostly of comedy, romantic comedy, indie and foreign films.


Christopher began writing poetry as a child, his love for verse expanding as he learned its many forms. He is an eclectic poet with topics ranging from humor to heartbreak and has competed in several poetry competitions including World of Poetry and peer-competition at Helium, where many of the poems from his book "Breakfast Anytime" have received and still maintain high rankings.

He has written song lyrics as well, mostly parody and filk, but one of his more heartfelt works, "Daddy's Tears" can be found in written form in "Breakfast Anytime".

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