Thursday, August 4, 2011

Deceitful Moon (The Second Manny Williams Thriller) [Kindle Edition]

Deceitful Moon (The Second Manny Williams Thriller) [Kindle Edition]

Detective Manny Williams and his partner, Sophie Lee, are called to the scene of a disturbing and gruesome murder at Lansing’s local adult playhouse, the White Kitty. The circumstances surrounding the ex-con’s murder rocket deeper into the bizarre as the forensic evidence reveals more questions than answers.
As he begins his investigation, Manny is interrupted by a phone call that shakes his world. His nemesis, serial killer Dr. Fredrick Argyle, has killed again, and sent the evidence to prove it. Argyle’s heinous actions force Manny and Sophie back to the Caribbean. All the while, the body count rises in his city.
Two serial killers. Each threatening to change his life forever. One succeeds.

(This is the second Manny Williams Thriller)


My thoughts: If it were me...I would change the blurb and the cover. However, this book is ranked #11 in the kindle what do I know??

Oh yeah...Price: .99

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