Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mad Gods Redux (Predatory Ethics) [Kindle Edition]

Mad Gods Redux (Predatory Ethics) by Athanasios

Kostadino Paleologos is a descendant of Byzantine emperors and lives with honour, duty and sacrifice. Every year he returns to Istanbul and sends trapped souls to their deserved rest. The final soul in this solemn task sends him on a quest to the mythic, ancient Library of Alexandria. There he finds the Idammah-Gan Codex, a unique book which convinces him to abduct the infant Antichrist and raise him as his own. They live life on the run pursued by Satanists, Catholic Church & Dark Nobility, who want the baby back or dead.

What I liked about Mad Gods was that the author started the reader out on a journey right from the onset of the book--the plot was well written, easy to understand, and thought provoking.
Cheryl Bradshaw

Mad Gods takes its reader on a spellbinding journey that spans different continents and time periods. The author seamlessly weaves an intricate plot that connects an array of fascinating characters that propel the momentum of this wonderfully ambitious narrative.
Aman S. Anand

Mad Gods Redux (Predatory Ethics) - $2.99

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