Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slave Auction [Kindle Edition]

Slave Auction [Kindle Edition]

Product Description
Included in the short story collection Trouble Down South and Other Stories, Slave Auction, a 7753-word short story, will bring you to tears as you learn the fate of Horatio, a four-year-old slave boy who is sold from the arms of his mother in this tearjerker of a story.

Customer Review

Slave Auction - No! It can't end there! I must know how Horatio (cool name) is going to fare! I want to see if Norris is going to take advantage of Aunt Virginny! What about Uncle Joe!'s feelings? And what about Clareene? Ack! I MUST know!!! *Ahem* Uh... sorry for my outburst... but it was such a good story! Love the writing style! Epic

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