Monday, August 15, 2011

New reviews for Apolo

This is from a satisfied reader on Amazon.

5 Stars from "coveredforlife"
"He doesn't just spill all of the plot mechanics and details in the first chapter like so many amateur authors mistakenly do. He builds the story and the plot in a interesting and fun to read fashion. I can honestly say this book is worth both your time and money!"

This book may not be for everyone. Dystopian fiction and counter culture themes don't always sit well with people.

This is a portion of a 3 Star amazon review from F. Murrell
"This book is hard to describe. From the description I was expecting a crime novel or at least a memoir type book. But this book appears to be just the rambling thoughts of a drifter who can't decide how he wants his life to go. I finished the book and was still wondering what the whole point of the story was supposed to be."

More reviews can be

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