Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lizards and Mice....oh my!

I killed a lizard today. The little guy must have been taking a nap in my printer at work when I decided to print him out on my page. I think it was a dude but I couldn't tell. I just saw some sort of lizardly body remains and lots of blood smeared all over my paper.

I thought it was food remains or there was something wrong with the ink. Upon closer inspection I figured out it was a dead…something. Anyway, my point was gross.

I've been having problems with mice in my house. Last Saturday evening, I awoke to hear a mouse munching away at my trash. There was a box of cheese crackers from like a year ago. Okay, let me stop here. I'm not that messy...I just forgot the box was under the night stand. Traps were set up and sightings of a mouse were found in the early mornings in the bathroom while I was taking care of business.

The mouse (just one at this point) had not been seen for days and none of the traps were set off. Finally, some dumb mouse walked across the kitchen floor last night. I threw some poison around the kitchen and outside of the house and ten minutes later a couple of mice were having a feast. I don't know how many creatures are living in the kitchen but I kept hearing a lot of noise last night. I don’t know...I just know I haven't had much sleep this past week and these mice...rat bastards must die....THEY....MUST.......DIE!!!!

An update to follow soon.

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